Why franchise with us?

4D Escapes is actively looking for franchisees in a variety of markets. We are seeking individuals all over the world with business experience & acumen and an avid interest in emerging and advancing technology.

Franchising provides the franchisee with an opportunity to become an entrepreneur and a business owner without having to navigate the trials and tribulations of starting an initiative from scratch. We’ve made all of the mistakes for you so that you can simply get up and running and start building a future of security and excitement.

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Opportunity for growth

The time is right – be part of this phenomenon at the beginning. VR is predicted to explode this year

High profit potential

Few businesses can generate these margins. Low outlay and fast ROI potential. Compared to other Virtual reality franchises, the initial fee is very low

It’s fun!

Customers love immersive experiences and we have content to suit all ages – very high levels of customer satisfaction (per feedback and reviews)

Easy to implement

Turn-key blue-printed easy operation – our experience is handed to you.

Full support & setup

Set up, training, marketing, regularly updated experiences, systems and ongoing support

Low running costs

Rent, staffing based on demand, license fees and little more are needed to run this.